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30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Annihilate The Clutter That’s Been

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Entertainment news in Nigeria 30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Annihilate The Clutter That’s Been Bothering You

This isn’t your normal spring cleaning, no, no, this…well, this is spring organizing.

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A platform bed to solve your bedroom’s style and storage problems in one go. It has four extra large drawers in case your room is too small for a dresser and adds a rustic-industrial vibe with its iron and kiln-dried wood construction, in case your room is in need of a major ~decorative touch~.

Entertainment news in Nigeria the slide-out bed with wood storage drawers underneath


Promising review: “I really love the drawers in this bed; they are not attached, so you can pull them out to organize, then put back in place. The drawers are huge! It was easy to put together and great quality. Very sturdy!” —Cassandra

Price: $246.99+ (originally $259.99+; available in full and queen sizes) 

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A sliding pot organizing rack so you never have to hear the sound of all your pots falling out of your cabinet ever again (worse than nails on a chalkboard, truly). Mount this in your cabinet with the included hardware, and you’ll no longer curse the day you bought/rented a house with such frustrating cabinet space.

Wayfair, philecia/ Wayfair

Promising review:This rack totally changed how I feel about my kitchen! I wish I would have bought it years ago! So easy to grab what I need without removing all the stacked pots and stuff in my cabinet. I love it! I’m thinking of buying a second one!” —Anne

Price: $40.99 (originally $49.99)

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A hall tree with cubbies in case you don’t have an entryway closet and can no longer bear to look at the ever-growing pile of shoes next to your front door.

Anonymous/ Wayfair, Sarah/ Wayfair

Promising review: “I’m thrilled with this coat tree for its looks and functionality. We’ve lived in this home for five years without a coat closet and finally have a place for our coats, umbrellas, shoes, purses, and backpacks. Great quality, look, and organizational boost for our mudroom.” —Brenda

Price: $349.99+ (available in three colors)

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An Art Deco-inspired bar cart because making a decorative display out of our spirits is a sneaky way of solving our crowded wine cabinet problems.

Entertainment news in Nigeria the white bar cart with storage area for wine bottles and shelves for other barware


Promising review: “Beautiful cart! Very sturdy, easy to put together, and it is STUNNING! We have received countless compliments on it, and it shipped so quickly!” —Del

Price: $174.99+ (originally $309.99; available in four colors)

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An open armoire that’ll act as another closet, which we could all use. I’m not sure I know one person IRL who has ample closet space. But besides that, it’s a great way to organize and plan your outfits without making a complete mess of the place. No more shoes strewn about your floor with these nine shoe cubbies, and definitely no more throwing tomorrow’s outfit on the chair you haven’t been able to sit in for weeks (because you turned it into a laundry basket). Organization is always the ultimate upgrade.

Entertainment news in Nigeria white open armoire with nine shoe cubbies and closet rod for hanging up clothes


Promising review: “This was a great purchase! It fit exactly what I needed in my closet and gave me just enough extra room! Looks great and wasn’t that hard to put together.” —Cindy

Price: $227.99 

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A kitchen pantry for my snackers who are wrongfully deprived of snack storage space. You don’t have to choose between the necessary canned goods and your favorite bag of chips — you’ll have room for both. Plus, it also has a cubby for your microwave (as someone who lives in a teeny studio, I know just how important that is). Who can relate? ?

Entertainment news in Nigeria the gray kitchen pantry


Promising review: “I have a tiny apartment kitchen — one drawer, minimal cabinets = no storage!! The three pieces I bought, using together, have more than doubled the functionality of this tiny room. Good directions made this project very doable by myself. Love it!!” —Barbara

Price: $134.99+ (available in six colors)

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A horizontal shed because your backyard will look a lot bigger without clutter. Shovels, tools, sports gear, you name it — throw it in the shed. You’ll have an easier time finding it the next time you need it, your yard will look better, and you’ll never again suffer the horror of finding that your soccer ball somehow got covered in…crud lying out in your yard.

Entertainment news in Nigeria the shed


Promising review: “Perfect for my patio. I’m elderly, a female, and I put it together MYSELF. No problem here. Keeps all my stuff neat and easier to get to. I give it a 10 out of 10 rating.” —Anonymous

Price: $297.48 (originally $402.47)

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A makeup vanity with open shelves and five rotatable drawers in case you’ve fallen victim to a couple of Sephora sales and are now left with every makeup palette under the sun and nowhere to put them.

Entertainment news in Nigeria white makeup vanity with five rotatable drawers, open shelves, and mirror with lights


This makeup vanity comes with a lighted mirror too, so you won’t have to apply makeup in a dark room!

Promising review: “LOVE IT! I’ve never had a vanity before and this one is so cute and perfect for me. It has a lot of storage, the lighting is great (three different settings), and I love that it fits in the corner of the room. I assembled it almost alone took a couple of hours. I’ve assembled a lot of furniture and this one had very clear and easy instructions. Everything was labeled and easy to find. Thank you!!” —Anonymous

Price: $229.99+ (originally $259.99; available in two colors)

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A set of vacuum seal bags because it’s almost time to rotate your closet and pack away your winter clothes. Which means it’s almost time for the seasonal panic of not knowing where exactly to store everything. Have no fear, these’ll turn your pile of bulky sweaters into a sleek, file-like stack.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Vacuum seal bag on floor under bed


Promising review: “These came in handy for organizing all our blankets and comforters we had stacked in a closet. I love comforters and having nice ones for myself and when family comes.” —Matt

Price: $24.99 for a six-pack (originally $27)

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An upholstered storage ottoman for a fancy addition to your living room that you can use to hide any un-fancy (but necessary) items. They’ll never know…

Entertainment news in Nigeria Beige upholstered round ottoman in front of navy couch


Promising review: “This was extremely easy to assemble, provides enough [storage] space for a couple [of] lap blankets, or books etc., is tastefully designed and comfy to sit on.” —Jackie

Price: $67.99+ (originally $96.04+; available in eight colors)

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A three-tiered floating shelf that may just be the solution to all your blank, bare, boring wall problems as well as your cluttered kitchen or bathroom problems. Bonus feature: it has a towel rack, so you finally can hang your towels in a tasteful way…as opposed to throwing them around the sink.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Brown three-tiered shelf on wall, orange towel hanging from bottom towel rack


Promising review: “This shelf is a perfect addition to our living room and helps us stay organized in a stylish way.” —Emily

Price: $44.99+ (originally $91.99+; available in two sizes and four colors)

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A six-piece desk organizing system for when your desk reaches full capacity and can no longer keep up with your workload. The grind never stops. ?

Entertainment news in Nigeria the black wire desk organizer set with a wastebasket, filer, stick pad holder, business card tray, pencil cup filled with colorful pencils, and a paperclip holder


The set includes includes a wastebasket, dual-section filer, stick pad holder, business card tray, pencil cup, and a paperclip holder.

Promising review: “I’m definitely a perfectionist when organizing my desk area, and these perfectly fit most of my workspace supplies with a stylish industrial/farmhouse look!” —Michelle

Price: $22.99+ (originally $32.99+; available in two colors)

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A storage organizing system in case you have to close your closet door with the weight of your whole body. Do yourself a favor, avoid the avalanche of clothes and get this — with five extra shelves and three clothing racks, you’ll never be afraid to open your closet again.


Promising review: “Super happy with my purchase. Quality was great. Easy assembly. I have a super small closet and this basically doubled my space. Great communication from Wayfair and really fast shipping. Couldn’t be more pleased.” —Barb

Price: $123.67+ (originally $157.99+; available in two designs)

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A seven-piece food organizing set or a pantry à la Kourtney Kardashian that’ll help you keep track of your kitchen inventory.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Clear storage containers with black lids, food inside


This set comes with one 1.9-liter container, two 1.2-liter containers, two 0.8-liter containers, two 0.5-liter containers, seven matching flip-top lids, a dry-erase marker, and 24 reusable labels.

Promising review: “These containers are great! Air tight, and flexible use is important. These containers hold everything from cereal to brown sugar or nuts, and keep all of it fresh for a long time.” —Helen

Price: $39.99 (available in three colors)

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A square accent shelf for my tchotchke addicts who are now overwhelmed by their dozens of tiny prized possessions and the lack of places to put them. The solution is simple, just display them on your walls, so they can get the attention they rightfully deserve, without taking up table space and risking a cluttered-looking, knickknack disaster.

Janet/Wayfair, Wayfair

Promising review: “I love this accent shelf. Great for decor. I wanted something other than towel racks in my bathroom and decided to go with this. This site helps you to see exactly what it would look like in your space. I thought that was helpful. I plan to add a candle [and a] flower. It will look absolutely nice!” —Wayfair customer

Price: $36.99 (originally $48.99; available in four colors)

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An ultra-slim utility cart so you can make use of that tiny space you thought was useless (and tuck away any less-aesthetically pleasing, yet necessary items you may have.) Plus, it has wheels! Beep, beep, extra storage coming through.

Entertainment news in Nigeria white slim utility cart with cleaning products and laundry items in between green cabinets and washing machine


Promising review: “Now that I needed to fill a gap formed by my new washing machine, which happened to be narrower than my old one, I remembered these carts. I am happy to find this one, which is made of solid wood, does not look cheap, and has closed front and back. This is a very important feature that I did not think of before. I actually wanted a more open cart to make it easier to reach to the things stored on it, but now I realize that the closed front and back hide the things stored in the cart and this way reduce the visual clutter. The cart rolls in and out very easily making it not a problem to get to the stuff stored in it.” —Izabella

Price: $49.90 (originally $199)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A drawer organizer because trying to find a matching pair of socks is often the most time-consuming part of getting ready. And it shouldn’t be.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Clear drawer organizing system in underwear drawer


Promising review: “IF YOU LOVE ORGANIZATION….and don’t want to trash your budget, this is for you!! Simple to fold together as it is one piece and makes all the difference for the drawers that seem impossible to maintain ie., socks, underwear, etc., WORKS GREAT — TRY IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT.” —Lori

Price: $8.44 (originally $11.99)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


An over-the-cabinet organizer to optimize and free up the ever-so-coveted under-the-sink storage space.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Black cabinet organizer over wooden cabinet, holding toiletries


Promising review: “Doesn’t obstruct shutting the cabinet door. Very helpful for organizing.” —Anonymous

Price: $11.99+ (originally $19.99+; available in two sizes and four finishes)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A corner shower caddy in case the ledge of your tub is filled with self-care products you saw on TikTok. If one more bottle falls off the tub while we’re getting in the shower, we’re going to scream. This is very necessary.

Jan/Wayfair, Anonymous/Wayfair

Promising review: “Absolutely Beautiful in our new shower!!! Easy to build, extremely sturdy, and strong!! Going to buy another one for my upstairs shower!” —Danielle

Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A floor basket because the best kind of storage is the kind that makes your living room look effortlessly organized (when in reality you’re just throwing anything and everything into it).

Entertainment news in Nigeria Black cat on top of green and white storage basket


Promising review: “I love this! It was perfect for the space I made for it, and I use it to keep all the newspapers, magazines and other papers that I will eventually recycle. It keeps them very neat and tidy, and is beautiful to look at. I could not be happier with my purchase!” —Margaret 

Price: $43.99+ (originally $89; available in three sizes and six colors)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A free-standing mirror that opens into a hanging jewelry organizer so you can find the perfect accessory to complete the look you took hours to plan (and not spend more hours untangling necklaces). Oh, and then you can snap a mirror pic because your #OOTD should never go unnoticed.


Promising review: “This mirror [and] jewelry case is beautiful. Super well-made and spacious, easy to put together. Love this it saves so much space and makes my room look better.” —Eva

Price: $189.99+ (originally $237.99+; available in three colors)

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An over-the-toilet space saver because is there such a thing as a fully functional linen closet? I’ve never seen one that hasn’t been overstuffed with towels.

Entertainment news in Nigeria white over-the-toilet organizer with cabinet and shelves for towels, etc.


Promising review: “Stunning piece for my bathroom! Love that it holds so much and looks like it should have been apart of my bathroom this entire time. I’d say this cabinet is one of the nicer options as far as over the toilet cabinets go.” —Erin

Price: $172.99 (originally $260.99; available in two colors)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A storage lamp that’s the perfect place for all those decorative knickknacks you can’t seem to stop collecting and crowding your mantle with…plus, with the added light, it’s also the perfect place to admire said knickknacks in all their glory. BTW — this isn’t your ordinary shelf lamp, it also has a concealed drawer in addition to *two* charging ports and a two-hole power socket.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Black lamp with square top light, and black shelves on body, items on shelves


Promising review: “The perfect size and design to fit our small space in our guest room/den. Light plus shelves and drawer make this the perfect addition to our room.” —Elaine

Price: $84.99 (originally $109.99)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A floating bookcase for the bookworms who don’t have the floor space for a large shelving unit. Against all odds, your day has finally come.

Entertainment news in Nigeria White floating book shelf with square cubbies, books and art sculpture in cubbies


Price: $94.99 (originally $107.99)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A lift-top coffee table because 1. lift-top, hello — never having to overextend while you’re on the couch — pure bliss. And 2. there’s plenty of storage space underneath (and two drawers) so you can hide unsightly remotes, chargers, and any other TV-watching necessities that are cramping your living room’s style.

Entertainment news in Nigeria White lift top coffee table with top lifted to reveal storage underneath, laptop and remotes on table top


Promising review: “Beautiful! Love the hideaways. I have a small house with limited storage so things like this are a real gem for us! Plus, it’s just interesting…” —Cherie

Price: $206.99+ (originally $234.99+; available in two sizes and five colors)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


An over-the-sink drying rack that also acts as a storage cabinet for all your mugs, plates, and glasses that can’t fit in either of your two comically small kitchen cabinets.

Entertainment news in Nigeria Black over the sink storage rack with utensils, plates, silverware, appliances, and canisters on it


Promising review: “It’s well made, easy to adjust, and saved us SO much space in our tiny ol’ apartment. The legs are sturdy but slim, so they fit comfortably with our strange countertop. A wonderful and worthwhile purchase that I would deff recommend to people (like me and my fiancé) who live in smaller apartment spaces!” —Perseus 

Price: $97.17 (originally $99.77)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A set of wall hooks so you can hang your coats, hats, bags, and towels…or any other items that end up in a pile on your floor due to the lack of closet storage in your home. Sometimes, the simplest solutions make the biggest difference.

Entertainment news in Nigeria gold-tone and white wall hooks with two purses on wall


Promising review: “LOVE THESE HOOKS!!! They are so simple yet so impactful and clean. Definitely recommend!” —Gaby

Price: $27.99+ for a five-pack (available in four colors)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A portable end table that conveniently holds everything you need at your fingertips while you’re vegging out. The best part about it? It’s easily tucked into the armrest of your couch or beside your bed, since (as we already know) you really don’t have much space to spare.

Entertainment news in Nigeria White end table with white magazine pocket and extendable clear table top


Promising review: “Love these sleek, modern end tables that hold magazines but can also easily be moved to work off of a laptop.” —Erynn

Price: $81.99 (originally $120)

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A flatware caddy in case the kitchen in your apartment didn’t come with any functioning drawers. Yes, I’ve seen it happen…because it happened to me. But, I lived to tell the tale and I’m here to let you know that you absolutely *need* one of these.

Entertainment news in Nigeria White flatware caddy with spoons, forks, and knives inside


Promising review: “Great! Love that it has separate slots for knives — keeps our fingers safe and protects them from nicks and premature dulling.” —Tracy

Price: $19.80

Entertainment news in Nigeria


A magnetic spice and towel rack you can stick right onto your fridge and free up much-needed cabinet space from the clutter of spices that you can’t even see. It’ll be the last time you add cinnamon onto your chicken because you confused it for pepper while rummaging through the many bottles in your cabinet.

Entertainment news in Nigeria White magnetic rack with salt and pepper, bottle, and aluminum foil on top shelf, paper towels on middle rack, beige dish towel and utensils hanging from bottom rack


Promising review: “Another brilliant, space-saving gem! We have this on the side of our fridge in our small rental kitchen. Truly perfect for paper towels, drying a dish cloth, hanging specialty straw and water bottle cleaning brushes, and other items we want off the counter.” —Kathryn

Price: $42 

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.