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36 TikTok Products If You’re Messy But Trying To Get

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Nigerian entertainment news If You’re Messy But Trying To Get Organized, Check Out These 36 TikTok Products

You’re gonna want to look at the organizer one reviewer says they’d choose over their husband.

Nigerian entertainment news 1. Popular stackable organizer drawers you can use for storing everything from cleaning supplies to cosmetics to cleaning items to snacks, all while maintaining a seamless minimalist look.

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's stack of clear pullout squared shaped storage drawers with cosmetics in them stacked on top of each other

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's clear drawers being used for storage under their sink

Promising review: “So, I saw these on a couple of TikTok videos for kitchen or bathroom organizing. I have a small kitchen with limited space and I am constantly looking at ways to maximize storage space. I bought the two-pack of these and was impressed by how sturdy they felt — not cheap plastic. They helped me clear out a larger bin I was using for random things under my kitchen sink like sponges, bar soap, scrub pads and dishwasher tablets. Condensed and organized them all. Freed up some real estate under my sink, and I can see what’s in each box and find things easily. Quick and simple. If you’re on the fence, order these. I am ordering another two-pack today.” —Jenafur

Get a set of two from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two colors and two sizes). 

Nigerian entertainment news 2. A sleek, space-efficient silverware sorter with stacked compartments so you can easily find and grab your utensils — and basically tame the wild beast that is your kitchen drawer. PS: Reviewers love this thing so much, one says they’d choose it over their husband.

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's organizer neatly filled with silverware

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's organizer in their kitchen drawer

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Chelsea Stuart owns this and loves it: “I bought this about a year ago and I’m a little embarrassed about how often I think about it. For the first week we owned it, my boyfriend and I both commented daily on what a smart design it is, how much room it freed up in our drawer, and how we wished we knew about it sooner. If you — like me — are at that stage in your late 20s where practical, problem-solving products put a ridiculously wide smile on your face, you’ll love it.” 

Promising review: “New way to organize your silverware that has a sleek design. TikTok made me buy this! It’s a perfect design to not have as much clutter in your drawer. Great for ADHD people to see exactly what silverware is in which slot with the tiny pictures indicating a knife a spoon a fork!” —Haley Lutz

Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in three colors/finishes and in another style).

Nigerian entertainment news 3. A freestanding stackable cabinet organizer that’ll (*drumroll*) neatly organize the many, many water bottles you’ve acquired over the past decade. Really, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?! As a millennial water bottle lover (unwitting collector?) I HAVE NOT.

Nigerian entertainment news before image of water bottles in a cabinet

Nigerian entertainment news After image of them stacked in the organizer

This can also be used for wine bottles.

Promising review: “I got this after being influenced by others on TikTok and am so glad that I did. These worked great to organize and store all my tumblers. It even fit my 30-ounce cups, although they don’t sit all the way down into the opening it still stores them. I could use one more of these in this cabinet to store the rest of my koozies and cups. I love the color, and these are made from thick, sturdy material that won’t warp or break over time. So happy with this purchase!” —Heather

Get an eight-bottle holder from Amazon for $32.99 (available in six sizes and three colors). 

Nigerian entertainment news 4. A popular pack of six Command cord bundlers so you can, once and for all, get a handle on the knotted mass of electronics cables and appliance cords that are taking over your apartment like the iron-fisted rats who rule New York City. 

Nigerian entertainment news A reviewer's photo of the cord bundler attached to the back of a KitchenAid

Nigerian entertainment news A reviewer's photo of the cord organizer being used on a small fan

The bundlers work with damage-free adhesive.

Promising reviews: “I have one of these attached to almost every cord-having thing I own and for maybe $30 in total I feel like my whole life got a facelift. My stand mixer looks better on the counter and it stays clean even when everything else is a mess. My space heaters store so neatly in the linen closet. I have an HDMI cord bundled to the back of each TV. There’s a bundler stuck between my car’s dash and console which holds two phone chargers. Truly, especially for the price, I could not recommend something more highly.” —Amber Stewart

“I jumped on the TikTok bandwagon. Appliance cords get on my ever-loving nerves. Laying there, getting all dirty and tangled up. Not anymore, my friends! I feel like a more accomplished woman now. On another note, I have also used these as lightweight curtain rod holders. Very efficient and easy to use.” —SMHeffner

Get it from Amazon for $10.54.

Nigerian entertainment news 5. A device charging station with a glorious ~six~ roomy slots for organizing and seamlessly charging all of your devices, so you can keep your space tidy and get rid of the mass of tangled cables on your desk and floor.

Nigerian entertainment news the charging dock filled with phones and tablets

Promising review: “Keeps your devices tidy. The corner of our kitchen used to be a ‘grab bag’ of devices all charging from different lengths of cables. I bought this so we could properly organize the iPads, tablets, backup chargers and Wi-Fi jetpack. This device is very convenient; one power port in and six USB ports out. It came with 6 iPad cables. TikTok made me buy it and I don’t regret it!” —Bargain Hunter

Get it from Amazon for $17.89.

Nigerian entertainment news 6. A five-shelf hanging closet organizer to give you some easy extra shelves for storing tees, handbags, hats, shoes, or stuffed animals that otherwise would go who knows where…possibly never to be seen again.

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer pic of the five-tier hanging shelf with three mesh pockets on the side hanging in a closet in a bedroom

Promising reviews: “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at this price point but this item has exceeded my expectations. It is sturdy, roomy, very well made, and holds a lot. I ordered it in red to brighten up my closet and am so happy with my choice. I’m using it to store my sweaters and knit tops and it’s so nice to finally have everything neatly organized.” —Lucy

“WOW TikTok for the win again — this saved me SO MUCH space organizing my leggings and jeans.” —ESmith1090

Get it from Amazon for $12.87 (available in eight colors).

Or, check out this shelf organizer/hanging rod combo if you could use some extra shelf space but you also aren’t in a position to give up any precious room for hanging. 

Nigerian entertainment news 7. A 24-pocket door-hanging sleeve if you need a way to store your many, many shoes…or leggings, candles, or coffee tumblers.

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer photo of shoes in the sleeve

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer photo of the sleeves with mugs in them

This is so versatile that reviewers use it beyond bedroom closets for pantry and cleaning storage, too.

Promising review: “I saw someone use these on TikTok to organize their pantry with like sauce packets and small items, so I got the idea to do that and use it in my office as well. I have a really small storage closet at my property management office and needed something to organize all my supplies. This worked out so great for both things!! The clear pockets allow me to see what’s in there and they have a decent amount of space. The price point was great as well.” —Lil B

Get it from Amazon for $9.17 (available in five colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 8. A set of clear fridge organizers to tame the jungle that is the inside of your fridge — plus help you get through all your fresh produce before it goes bad, saving you time and $$$.

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer image of clear plastic bins with handles on them and fruit inside in a fridge

Promising reviews: “Great for organizing. Bins are clear so you could easily see what you have and what you need. These are perfect addition for my refrigerator to keep items organized and within reach. They are sturdy and will last long time. Very easy to clean. Will recommend this.” —Deepika

“Tiktok made me buy it. Highly recommended. They are very sturdy and do not fade over time. These little things hold so many products. Also a great price.” —Britney

Get a set of eight bins for $19.99 (also available in sets of two, four, six, and 14, and in four different sizes).

Nigerian entertainment news 9. A popular pan holder because your shelves don’t have to be a terrifying mass of loosely Tetris-ed pots and pans that may come tumbling down at any moment. This rack’ll keep them neat and give you your pantry space back. 

Nigerian entertainment news A rack holding up five different sizes pans in a cabinet


Promising review: “Totally bought these because of TikTok but I love them! They are exactly what I never knew I needed. Very easy to set up and helps keep my cabinets organized so I can always find what I am looking for right away without having to take everything out of my cabinet to get to it.” —Joni Thomas

Get it from Amazon for $14.87 (available in three colors/finishes).

Nigerian entertainment news 10. A cereal dispenser to eliminate the bulk and hassle of cereal boxes, *plus* keep the contents super fresh. Families also love these as an easy way for kids to serve themselves! Bet you didn’t know dry goods could be so ~aesthetic~.

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer pic of the black cereal dispenser holding two types of cereal

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer gif of someone dispensing the cereal into a bowl

Check out a TikTok of the cereal dispenser in action. 

Promising review: “We have three kids and a very small kitchen with very little cabinet/counter space!!! We used to keep our cereal boxes on top of our refrigerator, but I’ve been trying to declutter and also come up with a solution for our kids to be able to get their own cereal in the mornings. THIS IS IT!!!! It looks great on our counter, and we have very little space, so it fits just right! This has been the perfect solution to giving our kids the independence they need to get their own breakfast! It has been a lifesaver!!! Love it!!!” —tenle

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $28.42. 

Nigerian entertainment news 11. A felt purse insert if you’re constantly digging around the black hole that is your purse for your lip balm, wallet, keys, or phone…because weirdly they always disappear into the void the moment you really, really need them. It fits right inside your bag, with 13 pockets for you to sort and stash all of your essentials so your busy life can be a little easier.

Nigerian entertainment news the inside of a cluttered purse

Nigerian entertainment news the same purse organized with a red insert

Before you order, measure the inside of your bag to get the best fit!

Promising review: “Make sure you check the measurements so you know it will fit inside your purse. I just got a Michael Kors purse and usually they don’t come with many pockets. So I was happy to stumble across this on Tiktok. Now I don’t have to rummage my whole purse just to get something. I know exactly where I placed everything and it’s easy to find. Some reviews said it was too stiff but I find it to be soft yet sturdy so it’s not floppy. My purse will now last a few years longer thanks to this organizer.” —Kalo Lehapoto

Get it from Amazon for $15.88+ (available in six sizes and 23 colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 12. A magnetic stove shelf for you to organize your cooking staples and keep them conveniently within arm’s reach. This is especially a game-changer for frequently used items like olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Nigerian entertainment news A reviewer's photo of the black shelf holding various pantry items like soy sauce and tabasco

Check out a TikTok of the StoveShelf!

I have one of these and it has been such a help in making cooking easier and keeping my kitchen space more organized. I love that my most-used spices and oils have a designated home in the ~center of the action~. The shelf is also very sturdy so I don’t have to worry about anything falling or interfering with cooking on the stove. All in all, a much-appreciated upgrade that I would sorely miss if I had to go without it.

Promising review: “The shelf installed in a snap. It has two sturdy magnets that hold it securely onto the slightly rounded back of my stove. I felt comfortable setting a full jar of honey on it, and I haven’t seen it move at all as I have been cooking. I have limited space in the kitchen, so I’m really happy to have an additional place to set things I need frequently. It doesn’t look like an add-on; it looks like part of the stove. I’m really happy with it!” —Sylvia J.

StoveShelf is a US-based small business that specializes in shelves for various sized stoves.

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 13. A pack of stackable huge storage bins with handles and clear windows so once you pack them full of your stuff, you can see everything inside without having to open them back up.

Nigerian entertainment news model packing linens into storage bag

Nigerian entertainment news reviewers storage cubes filled with items and stored on top shelf of closet

Promising reviews: “These bags offer a perfect solution for my storage. I was able to put my seasonal items like summer clothes, comforters, jeans, pillows, etc. I also was able to put the stuffed animals my children were playing with when they were young but I did not have the heart to throw away for sentimental reasons. I like the part that I can see through what I placed inside. Once filled up, I was able to carry it to my shed because the bags were light.” —Kassandra C. Salinas

“Thank you, TikTok, for showing me this. These are amazing for storage.” —Jena

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three colors and five quantities). 

Nigerian entertainment news 14. Or a set of vacuum storage bags to compress bulky seasonal clothes and bedding if you have really limited space and need some extra help with storage.

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer before photo of space bags full of bulky pillows and blankets

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer after photo showing the much smaller compressed bags after removing the air

Promising reviews: “I wasn’t sure about this product and I didn’t believe it would work, OH HOW WRONG I WAS !!!!!!!! I purchased the jumbo bags and I actually was able to place over 20 thick sweaters in one bag; three leather coats, five peacoats, and additional winter clothing into another bag. In total I had six jumbo bags in which I was able to store all my husband’s and my winter clothing away, creating space and eliminating overwhelming clutter. I will definitely purchase smaller size, jumbo size, and all sizes to create more space and organize all my clothing.” —VickyGener85

“Game-changer! I bought this thanks to TikTok and let me tell you — if you don’t have this now, you need to get it! I am the biggest over-packer and I can now fit 10 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes, and my toiletries in my carry-on 😀 I no longer have to worry about my suitcase busting open while in transit (because believe me, I thought that would happen a few times LOL)!” —Lakeasha Williams

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in five sizes and four quantities).

Nigerian entertainment news 15. A surprisingly affordable reusable 32-page smart notebook that allows you to scan your pages right after you write them so they’ll be saved forever on your device. Then you can clear your pages and start again! 

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's notes on pages in their reusable notebook, with pens next to the notebook

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer holding their reusable notebook with a pink cover

You’ll save money from not buying tons of different notebooks, and you’ll help the environment by using a sustainable tech option instead of paper.

Promising review: “I saw this product recommended on TikTok and I was a little hesitant about it actually working. I’ve had some time since to mess with it, and I have to say I really love it! The pen writes nicely on the paper and it wipes away easily with the wet microfiber cloth that comes with it. I am a college student and this book is a great way to save paper, not carry around 5 different notebooks in my bag, and all of my notes can be stored on my laptop in one place. Highly recommend, especially if you are a student.” —Alana Cooper

Get it from Amazon for $16.49+ (available in executive and letter sizes and in 18 colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 16. A shoe rack for anyone constantly greeted by (and inevitably tripping over) a whirlwind of their roomies’ or kids’ shoes anytime they enter or leave their home. It has two spacious shelves on the bottom to fit tall rain boots and Uggs, and smaller shelves for ankle boots, sneakers, and loafers. 

Nigerian entertainment news Shoe rack placed in reviewer's home with various shoes inside

Nigerian entertainment news Shoe rack with various shoes and boots placed on shelves

It also has hooks on the side for storing purses, backpacks, and scarves.

Promising reviews: “I really like this shoe rack! It’s larger and holds many more shoes, which is what I wanted as well as making the shoe area much more clean and organized. We use this shoe rack at the entrance of the house as we do not wear our shoes inside.” —Lauren E.

“Worth every dollar! Found this product on TikTok. After the box arrived it felt like I was creating the shelf out of adult Legos, it was so easy. After completing the rack and adding on the hooks to each side I was able to fit much more shoes than I expected! They are all spaced well and don’t look smooshed at all! Definitely would buy again.” —Sierra

Get it from Amazon for $31.49+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 17. A dishwasher magnet to finally stop the perpetual guessing game of whether your dishes are clean or not, because you don’t know and your family is no help.

Nigerian entertainment news A customer using the magnet

Nigerian entertainment news BuzzFeed Shopping editor sliding their dishwasher magnet from dirty to clean

Promising reviews: “I am sure that I have washed, washed and washed again dishes that were already clean (along with dirty dishes of course). The dishwasher is not always emptied immediately after running a cycle and because of that, my family has VERY often mixed dirty with clean, and vice versa. We needed to find a way to ‘remember’ and this was a great solution. So glad to have this sticking on my dishwasher.” —T. W. Barton

“I bought this because of a TikTok video. Super cool and now nobody has to ask me if the dishes are clean or not.” —D. Washington

Get it from Amazon for $6.97+ (available in four colors/finishes).

Nigerian entertainment news 18. A sturdy, lightweight eight-compartment pill organizer for consolidating your prescriptions and just-in-case medicines to keep in your bag, so if you get a surprise migraine or forget to take your morning medication, you’ll be covered.

Reviewers also use these for organizing their jewelry, headphones, earplugs, etc.

Promising reviews: “LOVE THESE! They are perfect in every way. It’s the pill organizer box I didn’t know I needed. They are durable, easy to use, and waterproof! The compartments are a good size and it fits nicely into my bag. I am going on a five-week trip and need to take six different prescription meds and supplements with me. I’m happy to say that I will be well organized with these pill boxes.” —Amazon Customer

“I found a TikTok video of this product and they used it for jewelry, meanwhile I use it for hair ties and pain medicine for on the go. It is perfect for if you need something like this to fit in a bag or purse. Highly recommend!!! Everyone around me always wants one.” —Alisa Waid

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $9.97.

Nigerian entertainment news 19. A hanging purse organizer to add some extra protection against dust and scratches while you’re on your organizing kick. Handbags need TLC, too.

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer's closet with three bag holders hanging up

Promising reviews: “I was quite skeptical when I ordered this purse organizer but decided for the price, I’d go ahead and take the chance. Well! This is a winner. There’s no assembly. It hooks over the clothes rod, right alongside the clothes hangers. I held my breath as I began to push through a couple of my larger purses. The larger ones protrude a bit on each end but the sling fits like a glove around the purse and prevents sliding. The smaller purses fit quite nicely. I like that my more costly bags will not be a dust catch-all now and also are protected from scratching. All in all, I’m impressed with this product and happy with this purchase. It is a space saver. I recommend it. I hope it holds up well. I think it will.” —Beje

“I got two of these, one for my purses and another for bedding and bath towels. These are awesome! Pockets fit my big purses, sheet sets, and towels. Does exactly as I need, so these are a god-send. Thank you TikTok!!” —Lisa K.

Get it from Amazon for $15.04+ (available in four colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 20. A large-capacity rotating makeup organizer that’ll keep all your favorite products right at your fingertips. Your beauty routine will be easier than ever, and seeing your whole makeup collection all tidy and organized will be unreasonably satisfying. 

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer spinning the clear acrylic organizer full of products

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer image of it full of products

Promising review: “Just another thing TikTok made me buy! The quality of the plastic is really great and I love that you can move the shelves as you see fit.” —Reagan

Get it from Amazon for $32.99. 

Nigerian entertainment news 21. A set of nonstick, heat-safe sheet pan dividers so you can cook your ingredients separately. This way, when your salmon needs to come out of the oven before your veggies, you can just remove that tray and leave the rest inside until they’re ready.

Nigerian entertainment news a model holding a sheet pan with four silicone dividers each filled with a different type of food


They’re also dishwasher-safe!

Check out a TikTok of the nonstick sheet pan dividers in action. 

Promising review: “Brilliant. 100000% Recommend them! It lets me separate veggies by how long they take to cook so they are all ready at the same time and nothing is over/undercooked. I love these cheat sheets. They are a great tool for my kitchen.” —yule

Prepd is a small biz whose products make cooking easier and more fun.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in two colors. 

Nigerian entertainment news 22. An adhesive toothbrush holder and dispenser that’ll free up your limited counter space and streamline your personal care routine. It’ll hold all of your brushing ~essentials~ and dispense toothpaste up to the last drop so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Nigerian entertainment news The white stand mounted to a mirror with a space for two toothpastes and two toothbrushes

Nigerian entertainment news close up showing a toothbrush getting paste from the dispenser

Promising review: “I love this item! I saw it originally on TikTok and thought it would be perfect for our bathroom! We have one bathroom upstairs and five people who use it. This cleared up so much counter space for us! There are ventilation holes where the cups go to help make sure they dry properly. The toothpaste dispenser has really been working to get every last drop out of the tube. Would definitely recommend for a family or kids bathroom. There is also a little storage compartment behind the toothpaste that is great for extra brushes, cotton swabs, or flossers.” —Sariyah J

Get it from Amazon for $17.47+ (available in three colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 23. A seat hook to hang your purse or groceries on so you can stop worrying about everything spilling all over the car floor every time there’s a red light.

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's hook on the back of a car chair with their bag hanging off it

Promising reviews: “I thought this might be one of the silly things I sometimes fall for. Nope. These are awesome. I keep one on the driver’s side headrest and the other on the passenger side. I prefer to use the passenger one, because I can reach into my purse from the driver’s seat, but if I’ve got extra people in the car, it’s nice to have the flexibility to keep my purse on either side. Also, they fit very snugly and are tough. My purse easily weighs 20 pounds, and it never looks like they’re strained.” —Kendra

“I saw this product in a TikTok video for ‘products on Amazon you didn’t know you needed’ and added it to my cart. My kids were sick of me setting my big purse on their feet in the car. It’s easy to snap on and stays in place. $8 well spent!” —Asha Brown

Get a set of two from Amazon for $7.95 (available in two colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 24. Some dreamy planner notepads that are so gosh dang adorable they’ll actually help you get organized — and make doing so as enjoyable as possible (take it from me)!

Nigerian entertainment news A low-fi aesthetic dark pink planner pad with areas for top three priorities, a to do list, grateful for and achievements, and notes

Nigerian entertainment news A light pink planner pad with an area for tasks and notes, with graphics of books and desks supplies

Unicorn Eclipse / Etsy

It would be an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with this shop. I am head over heels entranced with this shop. Their lo-fi, nostalgic style brightens up my workspace so much and really helps encourage me to stay organized – because I love looking at and using their stationery! I also just appreciate the sense of whimsy and fun that their products add to what can otherwise be stressful work days or daunting tasks; the graphics on their planner pads help me stay more positive, and more on top of my work in general. TL;DR: These are a ray of sunshine that any desk worker or organizing buff would be incomplete without. They also make incredible gifts!

Promising review: “Everything I ordered from this store came as displayed and even better. They are super cute and you can tell the shop puts a lot of love into it. will definitely be purchasing from here again.” —Amanda galasso

Unicorn Eclipse is a Wisconsin-based stationery business operated by two Hmong-American sisters, who design all of their amazingly nostalgic, lo-fi aesthetic desk supplies themselves!

Get the dark pink planner pad and the light pink planner pad from Unicorn Eclipse on Etsy or direct from their site for $12. (PS: Check out their dreamy $5 sticky notes, too!)

Nigerian entertainment news 25. A bestselling self-adhesive paper towel roll holder you can pop onto the wall or underneath a cabinet to give you back some counter space.

Nigerian entertainment news The metal bar roll holder attached to the side of a wall by a kitchen sink

Nigerian entertainment news The holder installed under a cabinet


Promising reviews: “I LOVE this paper towel holder for several reasons; the quality it EXCELLENT, the adhesion does just that and took me about 15 seconds to install. Why go anywhere else when you can get both quality and value here?” —OAW “thee”

“TikTok made me do it. I love this. The stainless steel blends so nicely with the rest of my kitchen, and the install was as a simple peel and stick with small mounting screws and matching caps so it holds a seamless look.” —Michaelle K.

Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in five colors/finishes and in packs of two). 

Nigerian entertainment news 26. A 21-piece set of drawer organizers so you can designate a home for all your random supplies without just transferring them to a nightmarish junk drawer. Now you’ll be able to finally find the tape (or scissors! or rubber bands!! the list goes on) when you need it. 

Nigerian entertainment news Makeup stacked and organized in clear rectangular containers in a drawer

Nigerian entertainment news More makeup stacked in rectangular and square containers

Promising review: “TikTok made me buy this in my journey for a more organized home. I bought them not knowing exactly where I’d use them, but as I cleaned my home I found numerous uses for them and could not be happier to have them available. They are somewhat stackable for storage when not being used, but the mostly straight side allows for maximum storage and no dead space between the trays. I will be buying this set again!” —Nicole Mussler

Get the 21-piece set from Amazon for $24.99 (available in two colors and in four other sizes).

Nigerian entertainment news 27. A portable home office with built-in charging stations, LED lighting, storage, and a dry-erase board — so that wherever you are, you can have an organized and functional workstation, whether that’s your fave coffee shop, your kitchen table, or the library. Hybrid and full WFHers, this may well revolutionize your work day.

Nigerian entertainment news a white briefcase open to show spots for a laptop, chargers, a dry erase board, and storage

Nigerian entertainment news Product image showing the side of it to show the small and large storage compartments

Check out the Worky station on TikTok!

Promising review: “Don’t know how I worked from home without it! Reduces so much clutter from my usual kitchen table setup. Absolutely changed the game for me and helps keep me organized.” —Jake Duneier

Worky is a small biz that sells an awesome, innovative array of products for those who WFH. 

Get it from Amazon for $79.98. 

Nigerian entertainment news 28. A sturdy stainless-steel shower caddy for keeping your shower essentials organized without feeling like you’re back in your college dorm.

Nigerian entertainment news reviewer image of the black shower caddies mounted to a shower wall

Promising reviews: “I couldn’t have made a better choice. It’s extremely sturdy and it sticks extremely tight to the tiles we have. The area I have it attached to frequently gets wet, but it hasn’t affected the strength of the adhesive. It has little hooks and you can hang almost anything to it. I’ve put my razor on it and it works just fine! This is definitely a good buy.” —Mona 

“These are so much better then a clunky rusty shower caddy. Bought two sets July 2021 AND still going strong December 2022. Attached to stone tile in my shower. Holds four 1 liter bottles without an issue. These are fantastic. Aesthetically pleasing and organizationally helpful. Love the hooks that come with them for hanging loofahs, razors, or any other personal wash items. TikTok made me buy them, lol!” —Danielle Linville

Get a set of two from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors/finishes).

Nigerian entertainment news 29. A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder that’s a *ridiculously* cute storage solution for your keys so you can plan on never losing those sneaky bbs again.

Nigerian entertainment news A minimalist cloud magnet tacked to a wall holding two sets of car keys

Promising review: “So, yes, TikTok made me buy this, but so far I really like it. It’s obviously very adorable and offers a charming spot to keep my keys that works with my entryway. I’m really surprised by how strong the hold is for such a small object — I carry my car fob and a few keys and so far it’s holding strong. I hung it with command strips to avoid any potential damage to the wall and I will say make sure it’s level as the hold is not so good on an angle (but that was from the original in-hand testing). Definitely recommend and for the price, I’m very tempted to get one for my at-work office.” —D. Carter 

Get it from Amazon for $5.98.

Nigerian entertainment news 30. A set of Wonder Hangers to fully maximize hanging space in your closet so all your clothes might finally fit inside, perhaps ridding you of the storage function your carpet is currently providing??

Nigerian entertainment news Product in use in closet

Nigerian entertainment news Product in use in closet


Check out a TikTok of the Wonder Hangers in action. 

Promising review:  “These are so clever and versatile! I live in an old house with tiny closets so I have to get creative. These are great because they can be used hanging horizontally or vertically. I also found they work great for hanging camisoles and tank tops. I can see what I have and take just the one I need!” —Therese Van Heuveln

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in three colors and four pack sizes).

Nigerian entertainment news 31. A cable-concealing kit because although we bow down to the wires that bring us that sweet Netflix nectar, we don’t want to *see* them cluttering up our space. 

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's tv with the cord cover seamlessly covering their tv cable

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's cord covers concealing wiring around a door

The kit comes with 157 inches worth of cord hiders. The hiders can fit around 2-3 cables at once. They’re cuttable and paintable and come with adhesive or screws so you can customize mounting.

Promising reviews: “TikTok find! Don’t know what took me so long to do this! Great to cover wires and so easy! So happy I finally installed these.” —Olivia

“I love this stuff, I’ve ordered this twice already. It’s great. You get so much more than you would get for the same price at Walmart. I’ve used it for hiding tons of cables in my surround sound set up. I would recommend these for anybody who hates seeing cables.” —Jokerdr0

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 32. A set of adjustable shelves so you can actually find a pen and notepad when you need it. Your workspace will look cuter, too!

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's shelf holding books, small plants, and desk supplies

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's shelf holding their books

Reviewers also use it for organizing books, cosmetics, art supplies, stuffed animals, and more.

Promising reviews: “The design is sleek and minimalist. I’m prone to clutter, so this shelf gives me a place to put things intentionally so that I don’t get overwhelmed in my workspace. I also like that it only took about 10 minutes to fully assemble. If you’ve ever made your own Ikea furniture before, no need to fear; you’ll do fine.” —Mary Anne Layus

“Perfect! I was running out of space for my books and this was a perfect fix!! Easy to use and fit perfectly on top of my bookshelf. Saw this on TikTok and would definitely recommend!” —Barbara Zurowski

Get them from Amazon for $25.99 (available in five colors).

Nigerian entertainment news 33. A toilet paper storage holder with a discreet compartment for sanitary products, flushable wipes, and anything else you might want on hand but out of sight. Reviewers also report using it as a phone stand and even a place to rest their coffee.

Nigerian entertainment news A stainless steel toilet paper roll holder with a flip top lid compartment on top

Nigerian entertainment news The lid flipped open to show Huggies wipes on the inside

Check out a TikTok of the toilet paper storage holder in action. 

Promising review: “Life changing. Never knew I needed this in my life until we got it. Love it and it’s a cute way to store wipes. Also acts as a phone stand lol. Super easy to install and just looks so cute!” —Samantha Barcelona

Day Moon Designs is a small biz that makes original bathroom products to improve people’s day-to-day experiences.

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two sizes and six finishes). 

Nigerian entertainment news 34. A set of shower towel hooks you can hang over frameless and glass shower doors, so those towels on the floor actually have a place to go.

Nigerian entertainment news Two towels held on a glass shower door by two stainless steel s-shaped hooks

Check out a TikTok of the shower towel hooks in action.

Promising review: “A very sturdy shower hook! I’ve had these on my wishlist a while and I’m glad I got them. The rubber sticks well to the shower glass and they’re very heavy duty!” —April Bennett

Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.59+ (available in three colors/finishes and in packs of three). 

Nigerian entertainment news 35. A rolling storage cart and organizer with 12 semi-transparent drawers of different sizes and adjustable wheels you can take on the go or lock for safety. This thing is ~serious business~ in the best way, and will make even the messiest amongst us organized. 

Nigerian entertainment news Reviewer's metal rolling cart with semi transparent drawers in different sizes in two rows, with two baskets on top

Reviewers also say that it’s super easy to put together.

Promising review: “I absolutely LOVE this cart! Saw it on TikTok and I purchased the same one. It has made me so much more organized than before. Everything is right where I need it.” —Trish

Get it from Amazon for $96.99. 

Nigerian entertainment news 36. A set of Command spray bottle hangers you can easily adhere to the inside of a cabinet door, so storing your cleaning products will be easy and neat as ever.

Nigerian entertainment news Three bottles hung on white Command hooks to the inside of a cabinet

Check out a TikTok of the Command spray bottle hangers in action. 

Promising review: “Love these! They have helped organize all my products underneath my kitchen sink. The Command hooks are strong and nothing has budged even with the weight of the spray bottles! Highly recommend.” —Talayfor87

Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.61 (also available in a set of four).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.