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Argentina wins its third FIFA World Cup trophy after defeating France in the Penalty Shootout, after 35 years (a year before Lionel Messi was born).

They became the second team to lose their opener and still move on to lift the trophy after Spain in 2010.

Saudi Arabia got a shocking victory after they beat the Argentines in their opening match.

The Road to the Final

Argentina Road to the Final

Argentina’s journey to the ultimate prize began on 22 November 2022 when they played against an Arabian side, Saudi Arabia in their Group C opener. Unfortunately, Argentina lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in the historic stadium that hosted the Final.

They went on in the tournament by qualifying to the Round of 16. The loss against Saudi Arabia was Argentina’s only loss in the tournament. Argentina did not give way for the disappointing loss to weigh them down. They won their second match against Mexico, won the final group match against Poland which saw them through to the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Argentina met with Australia in the Round of 16 and eliminated them. They went through to the Quarter Final. Their Quarter-Final match saw them play against the Netherlands (Holland). The Argentines won the match in Penalties after Holland netted an equaliser. Argentina won 4-3 in the Penalties.

They played against Croatia and eliminated them with a 3 goal margin in the Semi Final.

France Road to the Final

The then-defending champions began their World Cup campaign on 22 November 2022 after winning their opening match, beating Australia with a 4-goal margin.

France beat Denmark in their second group stage match with 1-goal margin. Unfortunately, they lost to a North African side, Tunisia in their final group stage match. Oliver Giroud’s goal which would have made it 1-1, was denied by the officials. They wrote a petition to FIFA but FIFA did not respond to their petition.

Their qualification to the Round of 16 began after they finished first in Group D. In their Round of 16, they faced the Polish side, eliminating them with a 2-goal margin.

They went on to the Quarter Final. They faced another North African side, Morocco. Their hard-fought victory against Morocco led them to the Semis.

In their Semis, they faced England for the first time. Two World Powers (alias) went head-to-head in their Semis. The French got the victory and entered the Final back-to-back.

Match Statistics

Argentina dominated the First Half, giving no room for France. Argentina finished the First Half with 9 shots while France got no shot. Angel Di Maria fell in the box, giving Argentina a chance to lead. Messi and Di Maria goals gave Argentina the lead in the First Half.

France hope came in after Kylain Mbappe was given a penalty. 97 seconds later, he scored the second, which took his goal tally to equal with Messi 7 goals.

The match ended in 2-2 and proceeded to Extra Time. Messi netting the ball in the 109th minutes made him lead in goals, giving Argentina the lead again.

Few minutes to the end of the Extra Time, Kylain Mbappe was offered another penalty. He scores from the penalty. What a hat trick for him as he levelled with Messi’s 8 goals.

Ninety (90) minutes and thirty (30) minutes gone, no winner with both sides going on to battle for the ultimate prize in the Penalty Shootout.

Argentina was crowned the World Cup Champion after winning all their four (4) Penalty Shootouts while France went home as the second runner-up for the second time.

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