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What a black day to mark the Independence Day of the United States of America as an unknown gunman opened fire during the Independence Day parade in the State of Illinois.

Officials have come out to say six people died as a result of the shooting.

Independence Day Parade – The Commander’s verdict on the shooting

A State Commander, Commander Chris O’Neil has something to say about this incident.

At this time, two dozen people have been transported to Highland Park hospital. Six are confirmed deceased.

The suspected shooter, who is still at large, has been described as a white male aged 18-20 with longer black hair.

All individuals are still urged to shelter in place at this time.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the state police and the local sheriff’s office, are assisting with the response.

Highland Park announced that all July 4 festivities had been canceled as a result of the violence, as did nearby Evanston.

While there is no known threat to Evanston residents, the shooter is still at large; therefore, cancelations are taking place in an abundance of caution.

USA flag raised to mark Independence Day
USA flag raised to mark this year’s Independence Day

Words from a US Representative

A US Representative, Brad Schneider, at the parade made some notes on her Twitter handle:

A shooter struck in Highland Park during the Independence Day parade.

Hearing of loss of life and others injured. My condolences to the family and loved ones; my prayers for the injured and for my community.

Enough is enough!

There is a wave of gun violence plaguing the United States.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there are about 40,000 deaths per year that are caused by firearms, including suicides.

A divisive issue on gun control was rejuvenated by two massacres in May – 10 Black supermarket shoppers shot in New York and children killed in a Texas elementary school.

Decades ago, Congress passed its first significant bill on gun safety in the wake of those killings.

Signing the bill into law late last month, US President, Joe Biden said:

While it falls short of what is really needed, it will still save lives.

However, some parts of the firearms laws had a serious setback as the US Supreme Court ruled that Americans have the full fundamental right to go around with a handgun in public.

This decision has caused implications for states and cities trying to curb gun violence.

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