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If You Despise Cleaning But Love A Tidy Home, You

Nigerian entertainment news

Nigerian entertainment news


A Roomba because how the heck is something declared “self-vacuuming” not a low-effort essential? A Roomba is the textbook definition of tidy on wheels, and all you need to do is turn it on, charge, and repeat.

Nigerian entertainment news a black Roomba vacuuming dust off a wooden floor


Promising review: “Excellent product, works great and holds up to its expectations. The instructions were very easy to ready and the set-up went quick. I would highly recommend this product!” —Target Lover

Price: $244.99 (originally $279.99)

Nigerian entertainment news


A double storage ottoman that’ll look so fancy, all while giving you the luxury of keeping the household tidy. You can store a ton as this is double the size of a normal ottoman and perfect for storing a living room’s miscellaneous items.

Nigerian entertainment news a blue ottoman in a living room


Promising review: “The black faux-leather storage ottoman I ordered is perfect for my living room. It looks great, is very sturdy, and holds all our family’s games. It’s even big enough that we can play a game right on it and just pull up a couple of chairs, while others can sit on the couch. Perfect addition to the living room!” —SusanS

Price: $85 (available in three colors)

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A set of pantry bins to help you keep the often tough-to-organize refrigerator living its best life with perfect uniformity. You would be shocked how easy it is to keep the refrigerator (or “Icebox” if you were born shortly after WW2) looking neat with just a few bins.

Nigerian entertainment news a set of pantry and fridge bins in a refrigerator holding produce


Promising review: “These are perfect! Needed to organize some things in my pantry and these were exactly what I was looking for.” —ashleymbh

Price: $25

Nigerian entertainment news


A set of under-the-bed-storage containers so you can reduce the clutter in your room into unassuming bins under the bed. The ample room beneath the mattress is just free real estate for storage, and these containers are fit for your queen- or king-size bed.

Nigerian entertainment news two plastic under-the-bed stacked on top of eachother


Price: $73.99+ (originally $124.99+, available in two colors)

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A hanging shoe storage organizer because sometimes a tidy house can be as simple as just picking up your shoes (or your roommate’s shoes if need be). If you have a rail, all you need to do is attach this and witness once unfathomable organization.

Nigerian entertainment news a ten-shelf hanging shoe organizer inside a closest holding sneakers, boots, and dress shoes


Promising review: “Perfect size, visually appealing, solid, and reasonably priced shoe organizer. I transformed my walk-in closet from disorganized to tidy, orderly, and functional.” —CClarke

Price: $12

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A ToiletWand that’ll deliver crisp azure blue water to your toilet every time. Cleaning the bathroom is not enjoyable for many reasons; however, these disposable scrubbing pads sanitize the throne with little effort on your part.

Nigerian entertainment news a Clorox ToiletWand with a wand, caddy, and disposable scrubbing pads


Promising review: “So easy to use. I use it for the toilet and the bathtub & bath tub walls” —Lemongurl

Price: $14.69

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A loveseat cover to show you that Spot can still enjoy her afternoon naps while you can still appreciate resting on a loveseat without any fur. Just drape your loveseat with this cover and prevent any particulates from intruding, and then pop it in the washer when it’s time for a refresher.

Nigerian entertainment news a gray loveseat cover in a living room


Price: $109.99+ (available in two colors) 

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An automatic cleaning litter box — even Whiskers will tell you that cleaning the littler box isn’t the easiest task in the household. Let’s hold the gags and barfs and opt for a little box that does almost all the cleaning for you.

Nigerian entertainment news a cat using the gray and white litterbox


Promising review: “I like that there is NO clean up! Our two cats have adapted well to using it!” —Barbie 

Price: $169.99

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A bottle of oven cleaner that’ll help you keep your oven sparkling with little more than some spritzing and wiping. A nifty little bottle of oven cleaner can purify the most heinous oven accidents in a breeze.

Nigerian entertainment news a person cleaning an oven with a bottle of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner


Promising review: “Powerful cleaning. I am in love with this oven cleaner. I sprayed the product on, waited 20–30 minutes, and then wiped off. Most of the nasty baked on messes wiped right off. I will likely need a longer setting time for the little bits left over. Remember to ventilate well and not use in conjunction with bleach!” —Jijizzzzzzz

Price: $6.29

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A laundry hamper because the best way to ease the laundry bottleneck scattered about is to put the dirty laundry in a designated space. This hamper can hold a ton while having a nice minimal aesthetic.

Nigerian entertainment news a gray and white laundry hamper with lid in a laundry room with wood floors


Promising review: “This hamper is awesome for the price!! I have two boys so their amount of laundry is only growing! This thing is large, easy to haul or move, and has a big bag you can lift out.” —Nina

Price: $13

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A hand vacuum aka the perfect middle ground between a big, bulky vacuum and trying to clean the couch with a Roomba. This vacuum is suspiciously powerful given how lightweight it is — pet fur and ambient dust will stand no chance.


Promising review: “I could write a poem of praise for this thing. This little hand vacuum picked up enough hair from one rug to make a new cat. It’s so gentle but thorough I used it enthusiastically on my Persian carpets. They haven’t looked this good in 50 years. My husband stopped me from vacuuming the bathtub, so I can’t tell you how well that would work.” —SAK

Price: $79.95

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A seven-pack of Magic Erasers to help assure you that doing the absolute bare minimum is the best move ever. As a proud owner of Magic Erasers, I find that these are (obviously) ~magical~ when it comes to erasing grime from the bathroom or anywhere in the house with little more than some elbow grease.

Nigerian entertainment news a person using a Magic Eraser to clean a stovetop


Promising review: “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is fantastic! It does the job no matter how stubborn the dirt. I aim to always keep a supply on hand. Target’s delivery is reliable and prompt.” —Great Product 

Price: $11.49

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A bottle of Clorox spray that’ll actually keep your surfaces clean while also looking sleek and sparkling. Not much to this one; I use it all the time to clean with and trust that it will always get the job done.

Nigerian entertainment news a bottle of Clorox cleaner + bleach spray


Promising review: “It’s the only product that I use to disinfect and clean my tub, shower, bowl, walls, and counters.” —Jaclyn

Price: $4.89

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A key rack because no one wants to spend their morning trying to find their car keys under piles of mail and pizza boxes. This little rack will get rid of any morning stress with a few hooks for your keys, purse, and umbrella.

Nigerian entertainment news a gray and white key rack with silver hooks


Promising review: “This works great forhanging keys behind our front door. Simple and sturdy.” —shecandoit

Price: $10

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A box of roach bait so you can turn a very, very unenjoyable task into a slightly better obligation with little more than laying some bait stations around the home. Nothing in the rulebook says that this can’t be simple, and it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Nigerian entertainment news a box of Combat Max Roach Killing Bait


Promising review: “Worked fast haven’t seen any roaches and I feel it’s safe that pets can’t get into.” —Kat

Price: $9.79

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A shower caddy for providing you the extra space needed to have the most enjoyable showering experience possible. Simply connect some rails, hang over the shower head, and bear witness to seemingly unlimited space.

Nigerian entertainment news a black shower caddy hanging holding shampoos and a loufa over a shower head


Promising review: “Great size! I love how wide the holders are. I have large bottles in them and there’s nothing in the way. And I love how there is space for the shower hose (which is why I selected this product). I am so happy to have enough space on here so that my shower windowsill can be free of products for good!” —TP22

Price: $22 (available in two colors) 

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A parts cabinet that’ll help you keep all the proverbial tools of your trade tucked away and free from damage. The messy tiny bits add up and create a huge mess over time; instead, one humble cabinet will be enough to keep your garage looking tidy 24/7 no matter the project.

Nigerian entertainment news a yellow and black parts cabinet holding nails, batteries, and tool bits on a garage workbench next to tools and sprays


Price: $24.99+ (available in three sizes) 

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A trash can because a wise raccoon meme once told me that there is no trash cannot, there is only trash can ?. A trash can will, of course, keep the home tidy, but one as big as this one (45 liters) will prevent you from making trips to the curb multiple times a week.

Nigerian entertainment news a silver trashcan next to a kitchen countertop with sliced fruit and juices


Promising review: “First time I’ve ever received complements on a trash can 🙂 No complaints, works and looks great.” —aas22

Price: $55

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A bottle of Clorox disinfecting wipes if that gross spot by the shower is starting to become sentient and it’s not pretty. But don’t fret; a few simple swipes with one of these will turn dank into dazzling.


Promising review: “This product works great in kitchens and bathrooms to clean and disinfect.” —Melissa

Price: $7.89

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A toy organizer — while there’s no morning rush like that of stepping on a Lego, you could also, you know, just get a cup of coffee. It’s never too early to teach the little ones quick, efficient cleaning methods, and simply having them put their toys in designated bins — so you can see the floor again — is an excellent first step.

Nigerian entertainment news a kid's organizer holding the toys in an organizer


Promising review: “I purchased two of these because I like it so much. It is very easy to assemble and is very sturdy. It makes it so much easier for my child to find her toys and to clean up after playing.” —Ssanaes

Price: $79.99+ (available in two sizes)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.