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Here’s what might drive up the prices on the newest iPhone 14 & yet to exist iPhones.

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With Apple widely expected to unveil the new iPhone 14 lineup at its upcoming event next Wednesday,

A big question mark still surrounds how much, in this economy, the tech giant will charge for its latest-and-greatest smartphones.

According to the Chief Analyst at CCS Insight (a marketing research firm), Been Wood:

Apple faces a real conundrum of pricing.

Ben Wood,chief analyst at market research firm CCS Insight.

On top of inflation and cost-of-living pressures wreaking havoc on consumers, he noted that …

Apple simultaneously faces rising costs associated with iPhone components and transportation.

My expectation is that Apple will probably have to nudge prices up.

said wood.

But given the strain consumers face, he thinks Apple will also do “everything they can to make that as minimal as possible.”

Beyond the broader signals of a worsening economy, Apple is also facing other headwinds as it prepares for the product launch next week.

Steadfast iPhone sales are linked in part to other predictions from some industry insiders that…

…Apple will hike up the price of its newest iPhones — though it is difficult to predict by just how much.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an influential Apple analyst based in Asia, tweeted earlier this month that he expects Apple to raise the average selling price…

…of the iPhone 14 lineup by some 15% compared to the iPhone 13 lineup. Currently, the regular, non-mini.

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iPhone 13 starts at $799, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099.

According to speculations, cameras on the future iPhone Pro models…

…will be upgraded to justify the price increase, among other enhancements possibly.

Wood also noted that Apple’s iPhones are insulated from macroeconomic pressures.

Consumers are also increasingly looking at smartphones as “almost essential” compared to some other tech gadgets.

Whether you really need an iPhone or not, that’s open to questions, but people who have an iPhone already are unbelievably loyal.

Wood said.

He further said:

I think that Apple has some advantages over rivals.

There are people who are always waiting for a new iPhone.

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